Lucky Paws, located in Coronado Shopping Center, is a unique, outreach adoption venue for Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department.  It finds homes for overlooked dogs, cats, house rabbits, birds and exotics, disabled and challenged pets, as well as fostered litters of puppies and kittens which otherwise crowd the shelters.  In an state where too many pets are euthanized, we need this wonderful adoption center.

   Save Lucky Paws was founded when the City announced closing of Lucky Paws in 2010.  Through donations to SLP to pay rent, the support of the Animal Welfare Dept. and of Coronado Mall, Lucky Paws was kept open.  After a new 5-year lease was signed (in 2015), we changed our name to Friends of Lucky Paws.  And since there isn’t always enough money in the City budget for repairs, unique supplies and maintenance, plus other costs (special toys for the pets!), Friends of Lucky Paws continues to fund these necessities such as: new locks for the dog rooms (2011), updating the dog kennels, major remodeling (2012), clothes washers (2013), new flooring in the cattery (2014), heavy duty clothes dryer (2015), another washer (2017) and our biggest purchase yet, a new transport van in 2017 (ready in 2018).

   One of our missions is to promote the Lucky Paws model wherever possible, so funds will be used for this as well.  We would really like to see another Lucky Paws on the westside of Albuquerque, as well as in other cities.

   Save Lucky Paws/Friends of Lucky Paws is a non-profit corporation registered with the NM Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of State’s Corporations Office and has been given 501c(3) status by the IRS.  We are dedicated to raising the funds to help keep this adoption center one of the best at saving lives.

    Martha Anderson, President

    Friends of Lucky Paws

    PO Box 53301

    Albuquerque, NM  87153           follow us on Facebook, too.

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